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January 14 2015


3 Ways TV Marketing Is Getting More Powerful

3 Ways TV Advertising Is Getting More Powerful

The reason TV marketing is getting more effective than ever before is a mixture of many factors in play. When you've got lemons turn them in to lemonade right? Below are some manner's TV has been doing just that.

Variable Number One: Targeted Programming.

The very first reason for TV advertisements becoming more powerful is a more qualified customer viewing select scheduling. Instead of being viewed by huge masses where most could care less about your commercial, now you can reach an audience who is engaged in a plan which relates to what you are advertising. Giving you a higher chance of connecting and converting. Don't believe me? Simply look at the tra-gillions of shows you http://www.eclecticmotion.com could care less about on cable! Imagine what! Millions of others out there DO care about those shows! Each niche show is just another outlet for niche marketing.

Social Media.

Some view it as a challenge between Social and TV media, when in fact Social Media is HELPING drive TV views! Thus did millions of TV sets! Folks did not see the clips second-hand the next day on YouTube, they watched it live on TV as in real time they found out about what was going on through social media. They also stuck around to see the rest of the show... and the marketing. This occurs with all TV shows now. I can guarantee you that it is being talked about on social networking seconds after it airs live if something is occurring on a situation comedy. Social Media is driving more audiences back to the glowing box in the centre of the room.

Factor Number Three: iPads and Notebooks.

The computer is no longer the getaway box in the den or extra bedroom. It's on our laps, in our hands and lives in our hands at all times. Yes. HOWEVER, if you are in-tune with this fact, you can tailor your message to the viewer who has the internet at their fingertips with a ploy to visit your web site or get your app for a FREE burger, gift card, or stick of deodorant on TV. Get their eyes for 10 seconds, but for the subsequent 5 minutes while they go to your website, and you will grab their attention, and not only offer them something FREE on TV and get the goods you assured in the TV advertising. If your merchandise is any good, you will probably have a customer for substantially longer than that initial 10 seconds on screen.

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